IFA 2008

Pemenang IFA 2008

Award untuk fanfic1. Best romance for Straight
Complete: A Piece of Chocolate for My Teacher by ghee
In progress: Dua Sisi by Apocrief

2. Best romance for Slash
Complete: Hatimu Berkata Demikian by Halfmoon-smile
In progress: Benar-Benar Miskin by ghee

3. Best humor
Complete: Tentang Dua Shinobi by Muscat
In progress: Pheromones by Moo-chan the Authoress

4. Best angst
Complete: Countdown by Bulanbiru
In Progress: To Portray the Sun by Moo-chan the Authoress

5. Best horror
Ghost Stories by Muggle 30.05.80

6. Best suspense
Paranoia by ghee

7. Best friendship
Complete: Filosofi Ramen by Muscat
In Progress: L’amis Pour Toujours by MzProngs

8. Best family
Complete: Ibu Gue Paling Ajaib by Inuzumaki Helen
In Progress: Family Love by MzProngs

9. Best M-rated
Complete: What Was Happening Next Door – gHee
In Progress: To Portray the Sun by Moo-chan the Authoress

10. Best oneshot
Filosofi Ramen by Muscat

11. Best in-chara
Complete: Filosofi Ramen by Muscat
In Progress: Enigma by SheilaLuv

12. The most beautiful language
Complete: Dua Sisi Dunia by SheilaLuv
In Progress: Dua Jiwa by SheilaLuv

Award buat penulis

  1. Best Diction: SheilaLuv
  2. Best Ideas: Muscat-Dunghill
  3. Best Summaries: blackpapillon
  4. Best Collaboration: paranoia.afronova dan 5 sekawan
  5.  Best New Comer: dilia shiraishi
  6.  The Most Favorite Author: Muscat-Dunghill

Judge’s Pick

  1. Best Romance for straight: Dua Sisi oleh Apocrief
  2. Best Romance for slash: To Portray the Sun oleh Moo-chan the Authoress
  3. Best Humor: Tentang Dua Shinobi oleh Muscat Dunghill
  4. Best Angst: Untitled oleh MzMoony
  5. Best Horror: CD Web oleh 5 sekawan
  6. Best Suspence: Paranoia oleh Ghee
  7. Best Friendship: Filosofi Ramen oleh Muscat Dunghill
  8. Best M-rated: Hatimu Berkata Demikian oleh Halfmoon-Smile
  9. Best family: Tahu oleh pink-violin
  10. Best in-chara: Enigma oleh SheilaLuv
  11. Best one-shot: Tak Sendiri oleh Ambudaff
  12. The most beautiful language: Dua Jiwa oleh SheilaLuv

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